Villa Kubu Has The Best Mineral Water in Bali

As the founder of Villa Kubu I want to give our guests only the best quality produce. I am interested in alternative medicines, healing foods and naturally sourced organic products. I know that fresh spring mineral water is key to our health and is the most important nutrient for our body. We source from local suppliers using organic foods in the kitchen, natural fabrics for our villa interiors and the best natural mineral water that Bali can offer.


Bali is hot, we are in the tropics and many of our guests don’t realise the importance of regular water drinking to rehydrate. That’s why I have chosen the best mineral water, which we provide free and unlimited to our guests available in all our private pool villa or simply ask at our Oasis Restaurant when dining. Remember that water is the most important nutrient to your body and is vital to your health – without sufficient water your body isn’t hydrated correctly and you can quickly get sick.

We sampled and researched all mineral water suppliers in Bali before making this hugely important choice – here’s what Philippe Bonfils, the owner and creator of Balian Water, had to say:

    • Why should I choose Balian Water?

Our water is certified as Natural Mineral Water, the premium standard for bottled water, distinguishable from Mineral Water and other ordinary drinking water because:

      • It is obtained directly from a natural underground source;
      • It maintains a constant composition and a higher level of microbiological purity;
      • It is collected and bottled close to the point of emergence at the source, with particular hygienic precautions

We are confident we provide some of the best quality drinking water in Bali.

    • Where is it sourced from? And how is it bottled?

Balian Water is sourced from a protected natural environment on the slopes of Mount Agung, Bali’s highest volcano. Acting as a barrier to oceans winds, Mount Agung captures rain on its southern slope to create a natural impluvium where rainwater is collected. It then slowly filters over the years through protected layers of volcanic rocks and sands to naturally enrich itself with essential minerals and create a unique and stable composition. Finally BALIAN water naturally emerges as a free-flowing spring under a protected shelter, where it is collected without taping the aquifer nor harming the eco-system. It is the bottled with care using state-of-the-art stainless steel machines and piping.

    • What health benefits does it have?

Our mineral water is pure and clean without additives. It is extracted from a deep volcanic spring, through its long journey underground, it acquires a soft taste with a neutral pH of 7.2 and is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, sodium and others, which are good for your body.

    • I have done a lot of research into EZ water; tell me about it and Balian?
Typical Mineral CompositionOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We believe ours is EZ water, exclusion zone water; a newly discovered 4th phase of water. In a nutshell, H2O molecules, under certain conditions such as water under pressure from the ground, like ours, will line up to make H3O2 which is the water in every cell in our bodies. The water outside of these cells is H20. Water samples from Lourdes in France show spikes in the 270 nanometer region, suggesting these “holy waters” contain high amounts of EZ water or H302.

    • How did you get into water?

It’s a childhood passion from spending my holidays in the volcanic region of Auvergn. I have always been intrigued by the energy and health benefits of water. Now with Balian I truly believe and care in providing the best possible fresh mineral drinking water, extracted at source and supplied carefully and lovingly to our customers.

Thanks Philippe. We think Balian Water is delicious. I was a little nervous guests wouldn’t like the taste, however, to my surprise, our drinking water consumption has gone up since we started using Balian Water. So I believe that everyone loves it!

PS Do you know also that in Balinese language BALIAN means the traditional healer (smile)?

Written by Dee Mytton,
owner and founder of Villa Kubu

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