Enjoy the ultimate Detox weekend at Spa Venus

For the ultimate cleanse of mind body and soul I planned a girls weekend to Spa Venus at Villa Kubu Boutique Hotel & Spa. The plan of action was to be pampered in total paradise for a glorious three days two nights stay. Spa Venus is located within Villa Kubu’s enchanting walled garden tucked away waiting to be discovered, I was also eager to feast on Oasis Restaurant & Bar specially tailored delicious and nutritious menu!

We were ready to indulge in the famous Bali healing spirit of Spa Venus, and immerse ourselves in clean living and dining at Oasis Restaurant & Bar.

Not only pampering was in store for us but also a carefully constructed concentrated health kick at the beautiful Oasis Restaurant & Bar. They have a custom-made juicing and gluten free menu that is healthy but most importantly tasty, we were ready to start our therapeutic stay aiming to sooth, restore and nourish ourselves.

The delight of staying at