Villa Kubu – Luxury Seminyak Bali Villa Hotel & Spa

Connecting, large Bali villas

Need more space or a little more privacy? A number of Villa Kubu’s charming villas are connected. Set in the villas’ distinctive limestone walls, lockable heavy wooden doors can be opened to connect selected villas to form various two-, three- and four-bedroom combined villa options. The following villas are connected:

Villa 9 (One-bedroom) and Villa 10 (One-bedroom)
Villa 11 (One-bedroom) and Villa 12 (One-bedroom)
Villa 6 (Two-bedroom) and Villa 5 (One-bedroom)
Villa 2 (Two-bedroom) and Villa 14 (One-bedroom)
Villa 3 (Three-bedroom) and Villa 15 (One-bedroom)
LataLiana I (Five-bedroom) and LataLiana II (Two-bedroom)

*LataLiana I & LataLiana II are not connected, but the villa doors are separated by about 5 metres

To enquire about a connecting villa, please click here.